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About the UIC's Plans

The UIC's plans are designed to create a Non Partisan Constitutional Republic of Jamaica, reversing decades of neglect, corruption and bad governance seen over the decades since Independence. 

Your input will allow us to create a Real New Jamaica, where all Jamaicans can live in a clean and safe environment. Become a volunteer today

The UIC's Vision

Our vision is a Jamaica that brings out the best in all its people.

The UIC's Mission

Our mission is to create a Nonpartisan Constitutional Republic of Jamaica that fully respects the sovereignty of every citizen by protecting life, liberty and property of everyone equally with a safe, clean and orderly free market society, where all may live, earn and retire with dignity.

Our Values

The UIC may be summed up as "individual liberty and personal responsibility", as we seek to guarantee every citizen their natural right to be both free and responsible at the same time. This means equal opportunity, equal rights and equal justice for all.

Our Key Objective

They key objective of the UIC is to liberate every single citizen from the divisive and oppressive colonial system of laws, regulations and over taxation. These have robbed our citizens of their right to freely learn, earn and trade without government coercion, overreach and corruption getting in the way of their progress.

Our Philosphy

It is the natural right of every human being to be free. Therefore, the only moral justification and rightful purpose of government is the protection of your life, liberty and property. Good Governance is a system that protects our individual liberty, promotes personal responsibility and provides all citizens a safe, clean and orderly society. This is the sure foundation for a truly great and prosperous nation.

Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto is designed around our vision, mission, objectives and philosophy. You can review our manifesto here

Become a Volunteer

UIC Volunteers are Jamaicans from all walks of life and live in many different countries. Many volunteer their time, skills and talents and so far have done an excellent job in creating the plans that we already have. Become a part of the coming change by volunteering today. There is also another very important step to take, click here to become a UIC Member or Supporter. 

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