1. We will make Jamaica a NON-PARTISAN CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC that protects your rights and freedom as a sovereign citizen.
  2. We will defend your LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY with a system that protects you from those who may wish to use unprovoked force or fraud to take them from you.
  3. We will ensure government succeeds at creating a SAFE, CLEAN and ORDERLY society where you may live, work and retire with dignity in your own country.


1. Our New Jamaica Constitution will eliminate regulation or red tape that infringes on your right to freely trade with whomever you wish at whatever price you and your buyer or seller voluntarily agree.

2. You will have truly free and fair market economy where government protects you from those who use unprovoked force or fraud in their activities.

3. We will empower entrepreneurs to achieve maximum productivity, sales and profits by providing a very low tax, red tape free, quality infrastructure environment.

4. This will generate new and better jobs as we reduce the size, cost and red tape of government so that more money flows into the productive sectors of your economy.

5. We will reduce your taxes from a high of over 40% by replacing all, except the GCT, with a flat 10% income tax so that you get to keep 90% of your income to invest as you desire.

6. The GCT sales tax will be reduced from 16.5% to 10% and dedicated to helping low income families access good nutrition, quality education, reasonable healthcare and decent housing.

7. By eliminating taxes like property tax, import duties and land transfer taxes, we will increase economic activity, reduce the cost of doing business across Jamaica and bring down your cost of living significantly.


1. We will create a vibrant, diverse and meritocratic education system that empowers every child with the knowledge and skills they need to build and maintain a healthy mind, body and character that allows them to interact well with others; form lasting personal and professional relationships; while fully understanding and managing money effectively regardless of their chosen vocation or trade.

2. We will ensure every child is being properly nourished and cared for in order to enjoy optimal mental and physical development as a valued member of our society that is expected to hold their own as very responsible adults.

3. We will redesign the healthcare, education and housing sector to realize the diversity, efficiency and effectiveness of a market economy to allow the best minds among us to produce and deliver quality solutions that benefits all Jamaicans.

4. We will dedicate the GCT to ensuring every citizen has access to good nutrition, education, housing and healthcare by providing employment for the unemployed to help them earn and meet their obligations as parents.

HOW WILL THE UIC eliminate the culture of corruption, poverty and crime in Jamaica?

1. Jamaica is corrupt by its very design and as such requires the new constitution that we will provide us the effective checks and balances necessary to eliminate the structures that make it easy for politicians to defraud and mislead the public.

2. We will make Jamaica a non-partisan constitutional republic by way of a referendum. Our new constitution will ensure effective separation of powers, lower the cost of government to taxpayers, and eliminate the red tapes that incentivizes corruption and gets in the way of our productivity and prosperity.

3. We know that political corruption is the leading cause of poverty and crime in Jamaica. It undermines the economy and reduces the effectiveness of our police and justice system while diverting tax dollars away from where they are most needed. We will eliminate this culture of corruption at its source.

4. We will replace the Governor General and Prime Minister with an elected President; elect 3 County Vice Presidents; elect 14 Independent Senators (1 per parish) instead of 21 partisan appointees; and elect 33 Independent Representatives (who must live in their constituency) instead of 63 partisan Members of Parliament. The Executive branch will nominate Ministers (Heads of Departments or Secretaries) who will be publicly vetted by the Senate and voted in or out by the Representatives. Together, the Executive, Senate and Representative will form a United Independents’ Congress instead of a divided House of Parliament.


The UIC will rescind and block all U.N. agendas foisted upon us, including POCA, NIDS, CLIMATE CHANGE and the DEPOPULATION AGENDAS, including mandatory vaccination. This will include the dismantling of the Ministry of Climate Change and reforming Ministry of Health and Wellness to focus on preventive medicine and natural remedies. The term "climate change" will be replaced by “healthful living” as we move to protect the ecosystem of life. Further, the expansion of G5 into Jamaica will be prohibited until it is proven safe. G5 cell towers and satellites could be the kill switch for humanity and would bring a cancer epidemic upon Jamaica like never before.


We affirm your natural right to be free – to determine what is best for yourself while respecting the equal rights of others. Therefore, the only moral justification and rightful purpose of government is to protect your life, your liberty and your property from any person, group or authority that might wish to use unprovoked force or fraud to take them from you. To this end, we will establish a system of good governance to protect your individual liberty, promote personal responsibility and provide a safe, clean and orderly society for you to achieve your full capacity. This is the only sure foundation on which to build a truly free, great and prosperous nation.


JOSEPH L. PATTERSON, Chartered Professional Accountant, Social Entrepreneur & Good Governance Advocate.

Joseph L. Patterson, BAccS, CPA, CGA is President and Founder of the United Independents' Congress (UIC), a new political party in Jamaica. 

He is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) with over 25 years of experience in finance, business and leadership. He works with clients in Jamaica, North America and Europe and has held such positions as Financial Controller, Director of Finance, VP of Finance, CFO and CEO in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 

His international work involves more than 120 countries, including being Chairman of the board of a $146 billion Netherlands based global social impact investment cooperative with over four decades of experience in sustainable development in microfinance, agriculture and renewable energy. Mr. Patterson is also the founder-president of YES Jamaica, a foundation that mentors and funds young entrepreneurs in Jamaica. He has been married to Charlet, his high school sweetheart, for over 25 years. They have three beautiful children and live on their permaculture farm in North East St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, where he is the UIC’s candidate for Member of Parliament.

Mr. Patterson was born 1971 in the rough of Kingston to Ruth Williams, a then factory worker and single mother of three. He went to live with is more affluent father, Joseph Senior, in Portmore, St. Catherine, at age 11 after completing Dunrobin Primary School. Having failed the Common Entrance Examination twice, he was enrolled at Spanish Town Secondary School where he would go on to become the Head Boy, Student Council President, Science Club Founder-President, Drama Club Founder-President, Debate Team Captain and winner of the All-Island Secondary Schools’ Challenge Quiz as Team Captain.

He then went on to St. Andrew Technical High School where he was again Head Boy, Student Council President, Key Club President (representing Jamaica twice int the USA), Math Club Founder-President, Literary Club Editor, and winner of the Gleaner Article Writing Competition Gold Medal for his essay on Youth & Community Development. Mr. Patterson also won a full scholarship to study Engineering at the University of Technology (then CAST) where he was twice elected President of the Debating Society and was President of the Circle K Club. He also founded The Associate Investors Group, an investment club on campus which brought together students of diverse disciplines to build a profitable stock portfolio.

After a short stint as a teacher and engineer in Jamaica, Mr. Patterson migrated to Canada where earned a degree in finance, earned the CPA, CGA designations and became a financial leader, working across the private and public sectors. He served in the territorial government as the youngest Director of Financial Reporting & Controls where he developed effective systems and tools to ensure full accountability in all government departments and ministries. He also built an accounting and tax practice that focused on helping start-ups realize their full potential. Then he went into venture capital financing and now owns a few companies while focus on investing for impact.