It is interesting that a government Ministry that is supposedly dedicated to the development of education and the dissemination of information has neglected to do proper research and act on it. Is research not an important and integral part of education? 

How is it that there are so much available information about effective ways in which to treat SARS-COV-2, information that is repeatedly verified by experts in the medical field, yet they are ignored in favour of pushing a ‘vaccination’ mandate? Why is the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information (MoEYI) not on top of this? Did I say that this was interesting? Rather, I should have said that it is disturbing! And now, our students are suffering. 


The recent results of the CSEC Examinations are cause for concern. And all because the government of Jamaica (among all the other governments who seem to be serving foreign interests) refuses to abandon a failing and erroneous objective of ‘vaccinating’ the majority of the population before reopening the country. Mass ‘vaccination’ is not the answer. There are multiple proofs of this! The UIC is often painted as anti-vaccine or ‘anti-vaxxers’, but what the UIC really is, is pro-choice. We are neither for or against any particular vaccine, but we stand firmly on the side of allowing people their natural born given sovereignty over their own bodies and wills. People must choose what they put into their own bodies; they should not be manipulated or forced against their will. And people must be informed about what they are freely injecting or ingesting in their bodies. This is all we are saying!


The UIC has a responsibility, based on our manifesto, to inform Jamaicans about the facts about these so-called ‘vaccines’ so that we all can truly and freely choose for ourselves. Now, the truth is that the pandemic can be ended right now, but the vaccines are not the way to end the pandemic. Why is the government flogging a dead horse and pushing a solution that will not work? Why must our children’s education continue to suffer? Free up the students! Drop the restrictions! Free up the treatments! Resume face-to-face classes! End the pandemic! 


You may ask how the SARS-2 pandemic can be ended in the moment. Well, the UIC had already proposed a 5-Point Plan to the government, which was ignored. You can view this plan for yourself at In fact, I encourage you to do so after you are finished reading this article. Read it, watch the embedded video at the end, then tell me whether Jamaica would not have been better off if the government had listened to the UIC. 


But let us get into the meat of the matter. Let us discuss the facts about the so-called ‘vaccine’. First of all, the SARS-2 mRNA and Viral Vector Adenovirus injections (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J and AstraZeneca) are not vaccines in the sense that we know it. A traditional vaccine is a weakened or inactive form of a virus or disease that is introduced to the body for our immune system to fight it and be familiar with it so that it can recognize the disease when it next enters the body with the objective of destroying it. What these new types of ‘vaccines’ really are is gene based experimental biotechnology. They contain genetic code that attach to our cells to force them to produce antibodies. No traditional vaccine does that. 

Vaccines create immunity - the whole point of a vaccine is to become immunized. But no matter how many times your body is introduced to the genetic coding of the gene based COVID injections, you will never be totally immune to the disease. Yet, they have totally ignored natural immunity from previous infection, opting to instead force our children and the population in extension, to give up their bodily autonomy for something that the Government itself does not fully seem to understand.


Why would so many world governments and the WHO not want the pandemic to end? Well, the answer to this question is not so easy to come by. There may be more than one reason. Mountain View Central Church’s Pastor Shion O’Connor puts forth some seemingly valid reasons with his videos The Last Battle for the Soul of Men ( and Surviving the Vaccine War ( UIC’s Devon Thompson also makes a compelling argument with the video You’ll Own Nothing and You’ll Be Happy.

What we do know for sure is that the current state of events: Wearing a mask, staying 6 feet apart, sanitizing and taking the COVID-19 gene therapy are not enough to stop the pandemic. We do know that there are various treatments available that can turn the tide, severely cripple the pandemic and allow us to cut these restrictions on our people, and we need to make these treatments available for Jamaicans. We do know that the future of our nation is at stake, and we cannot allow our children to keep missing out on school. We cannot keep allowing small businesses to operate at a loss. We need to act, and we need to do so urgently. 


The present system of government and politics does not defend the rights and views of the Jamaican people, making it harder for the public to demand government policy to work on our behalf and for our good. Too much power is concentrated in one man and in one group of like-minded individuals in the same political party. Individuals and parties can be bought out and controlled. The only way that we can ensure that no one political office or head of government can have so much power over our liberty and livelihoods any longer, and the only way we can ensure that our government can never be bought out and controlled by foreign interests is to change the system. 

Under the current system, we often vote for corrupt and ineffective MPs just so that our desired party leader can win and become Prime Minister. The Prime Minister then appoints, via the Governor- General, any 13 people whom he pleases to be Senators. And he appoints any MPs from his party, including some Senators, to become members of his Cabinet to head government Ministries - and most often, these MPs and Senators are not subject matter experts! The UIC, however, seeks to change the Constitution so that we get rid of political parties and vote for MPs separately from the leader of the country. Instead of the leaders of the winning party and the opposition choosing Senators (remember, there will no longer be any tribal political parties), each parish will vote for a Senator, making it 14 Senators instead of 21 - making it seven less Senators to pay. 

Under our proposed system, the residents of each county will also each vote for an independent Vice President, and each Vice President shall monitor both the nationally elected President and the independent parish Senators in their counties. For the President to pass a policy, it has to be vetted by the VPs and Senators (each having no party loyalties). Additionally, MPs will no longer be able to serve as Cabinet Ministers of government. Instead, the President and VPs shall nominate qualified and experienced individuals in their fields to head the related Ministries. The Senators will then vet the nominated candidates publicly, and the MPs will then vote for or against the appointment of each candidate. MPs will then be free to represent their constituencies and debate and pass laws while subject matter experts will run the government Ministries. 


Under this system, everyone is independent - no party loyalties or party favours - so it will be harder for outside influences to control the government. Power will belong to the people because not only will we have greater voting power, but we will also have power to recall and impeach government officials. Surely, if this system were already in place, our students and our citizens at large could not be held hostage as is happening now. So, while we urge the government to listen to the science and do the right thing, we also urge Jamaicans to unite our voices and votes for a change. We say free Jamaica! Free the minds of our people! Let us unite as independent sovereign citizens of a truly independent sovereign nation. Let us unite for freedom through the United Independents Congress. It is time to change the status quo. 

About the Author

Chase Neil is a Touch Therapy Life Coach, online English tutor, Minister of Religion (Taoist Christian), and the UIC’s Acting Parish Manager of St. Mary seeking to run as a UIC prospective candidate for Member of Parliament for St. Mary Western Constituency.

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