I Want To Move Back to Jamaica

I'm Devon and I want to move back to Jamaica with my family, but I can't right now. I work with a major public school board in Ontario, Canada, married with two small children. So at the moment, I'm working on building my own business to return home within 2-3 years.

Barriers as A Returning Resident

But that's not the only thing that's stopping me from returning. Even if I had all the residual income I needed to return home, how can I be sure that I and my family will be safe? Sure, there are many safe and beautiful places in Jamaica that you can live without worrying about crime. But unfortunately, that doesn't insulate me, my family, extended family and friends from being victims of crime. Sure, crime is everywhere, even right here in Canada and south of the border in the USA. But Jamaica is hovering between the second and fourth most murderous places on earth. I care about my fellow Jamaicans, so I can't buy a mansion and hide in the hills, watching them die. It hurts really bad to see all this unnecessary death. One of my closest friends, Anthony Ross was killed in Montego Bay, because he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time. SIP Ross.

But If Jamaica is So Dangerous, Why Go Back?

Many ask me this question. My answer is always the same; because Jamaica Land I Love. It's the mother of my child was born, where I was born, where my parents and grandparents were born. It's somewhere that I NEED to be safe. My children MUST feel safe when they grow up and want to tour the island of their parent's birth. My children MUST feel comfortable if they ever decide they want to make Jamaica their home, just like their mom and dad.

I Want To Make A Difference in Jamaica

Jamaica is my home and nothing will change that, so whether I'm scared or not, doesn't make a difference. So until the day that I'm ready to return, I want to do everything in my power to ensure I do so in a safe, clean and business-friendly environment. 

So I've decided to contribute in my own little way towards a Jamaica that is safe, clean and business-friendly. This is why I'm helping the UIC, 

Jamaica's third political party by providing my expertise in marketing, joining the organization and donating to the cause.

Here are a few things I like about the UIC:

  1. It wants to use the GCT which would be capped at only 10%, down from 16.5% to provide proper education, better living and healthcare to children in Jamaica. It will also be used to assist Jamaicans who have suffered under bad governance, serve as reserve funds for emergencies, such as environmental disasters and to bolster the country's security. There will also be a 10% flat income tax no matter your status in Jamaica which will be used to operate Government services. This will save Jamaicans hundreds and thousands of dollars per year while providing all the essential services of good governance.
  2. The UIC will abolish all other taxes that infringe on the rights of Jamaicans to trade without government intervention. This means house transfer taxes and estate taxes will be gone. I'll be able to buy and sell homes without government intervention. 
  3. They will legalize marijuana which will put a dent in the illegal guns for the drug trade.
  4. They will end the JPS (Jamaica Public Service) Monopoly. There will be more competition, resulting in reduced energy costs and more investment in renewable energy without restrictions.
  5. They will remove the Queen as head of state, making Jamaica a Republic. The UIC will institute a brand new constitution, made by Jamaicans for Jamaicans.
  6. The entire structure of the Government will be revised to eliminate corruption. The new congress will have a President elected nationally; 3 Vice Presidents, 1 elected by each county (Surrey, Middlesex & Cornwall); 14 Senators, 1 elected by each parish; and 33 or more Representatives, 1 elected for each constituency or district. 
  7. The Executive Branch, consisting of the President, the General Secretary and Treasury Secretor, elected on the presidential ticket, plus the 3 Vice Presidents, will nominate Heads of Departments or Secretaries (formerly Ministers of Government) who will then be vetted publicly by the Senate and voted in or out by the House of Representatives. These Heads of Departments will not be elected politicians, but rather highly qualified Jamaicans in their areas of responsibilities, recruited from anywhere they might be in the world. Once elected to office by the House of Representatives, they may only be removed by the same process: a request from the Executive, public review by the Senate and a vote by the House of Representatives. This process also applies to the Judiciary.

Donate Today

The UIC needs your help to raise funds to be a challenge in the upcoming general elections. If possible, please donate and help the UIC create a #newjamaica.


Help us protect the rights of Jamaicans to their Life, Liberty and Property. To keep our movement going, the United Independent's Congress relies on contributions from its viewers, readers and members. 

Donate today and help us to achieve our goal of a Non-Partisan Constitutional Republic of Jamaica that will ensure every Jamaican is able to live and retire in peace and with dignity.

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