Jamaicans Mobilize for Freedom!

UIC Vice President Winston Wright, marches with Jamaicans at Heroes Circle for freedom of choice, bodily autonomy and the security of our person. The UIC speaks out against any attempt by Government to infringe upon the natural born human rights and freedoms that we have as persons living in a free and democratic society. 

The UIC has revealed to the Jamaican people that there is a better, safer and more efficient way to end this pandemic and to end Government's dictatorial power under a public emergency, utilizing the Disaster Risk Management Act. This information can be accessed here: https://uicjamaica.myshopify.com/admin/articles

The UIC would like to keep bringing you these educational and informative content. To keep the lights on, the UIC depends upon its members and voluntary contributions. To donate to the UIC or to become a member, Click Here.

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