The People Cannot Be Tricked Into Taking a Product They Do Not Want!

At a press conference on August 9th, 2021, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, Andrew Holness, his Minister of Health, Christopher Tufton and the CMO attempted to use propaganda to gaslight the people of Jamaica.


When respected 19 Degrees North Journalist Zahra Burton questioned the Government on their, and I quote directly from Christopher Tufton, "Anecdotal evidence" and their misleading percentages, they ended the press conference without answering her questions.

This Government is not telling the truth and are waging a dangerous war on information, science, liberty and the people of Jamaica. But thankfully, the people of Jamaica are not having it!

Don't be distracted by nice press conferences and promises of no mandates. They aim to strategically distract and effectively coerce TWO MILLION or more of us into the Foreign Master’s trap.

Yes, this is war my fellow Jamaicans and our lives are truly on the line.
We need to get a large number of people out on the 14th at 10AM for the PORTMORE "Walk for Liberty".

Only numbers can change the government's course. Let everyone know to sign up via WhatsApp at 876-293-0812 to be assigned a group, a sign and a t-shirt. All health and safety protocols will be observed. Security included.

STAND UP FOR LIBERTY and fight for your rights!

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