The Boy Who Would Become President


Almost 50 years ago, this little fellow was born to a single mother of 3 who could hardly put food on the table. He was only 6 years old then and had no idea what the future would bring, but he promised her that he would do well in life and take care of her.


He would go on to fail the Common Entrance twice and the Technical Entrance too, but something inside of him kept telling him that there was still hope. And his mother never, ever, gave up on him. She always told him to just keep on trying and never to give up. His mother was a bright student in school, but economics followed by a teenage pregnancy stopped her schooling at about age 15 or 16. She swept streets, washed clothes and worked at Kentucky to make ends meet. But she always did her best for all her children.


At his graduation, she was a proud mother. This little 6 year old had turned 18, beat the odds and graduated from high school with a full scholarship to study engineering. She told the Gleaner Reporter who interviewed her that "words cannot express how proud I am of my son" as she beamed like a radiant flower. He went on to be a high school teacher, junior engineer and young entrepreneur before migrating to Canada. And true to his word, he gave his mother much of his early salary. She once remarked, "you make more in a few months than I made in a year."


In Canada, he switched to accounting, got into business and raised a family of his own. His mom lived in America, but he never forgot her love for him or his promise to her. So when an old family friend posted this picture of him on Facebook, the first thought that came to his mind was the mother who made him the man he is today. Without her, he would be nothing. Thank you mom.


You taught me to never give up and I will not stop until the UIC forms the government and transforms Jamaica into the safest, cleanest, most orderly and truly free republic the world as ever seen...I love you both.


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