UIC 5 Point Pandemic Plan


Sign our petition to demand that the Government of Jamaica immediately rolls out the UIC's 5 Point Pandemic Plan.

The following is the UIC’s 5 Point Pandemic Response Plan to be rolled out immediately by the Government of Jamaica to save lives, reduce the stress on our healthcare system and begin a real grassroots economic recovery that lifts up the small men and women of this country:


  1. Close all borders to Non-Jamaicans and Non-Permanent Residents. While compensating tourist industry workers for lost wages.


  • This will reduce incoming transmission of the virus by us only accepting Jamaicans and Permanent Residents of Jamaica into the country.
  • This will Reduce stress on the historically deplorable and over-subscribed public healthcare system. This will lead to real economic recovery in the shortest possible time.


2) Remove all unnecessary restrictions, duties and taxes on pharmaceutical imports and allow doctors full access to all treatment options.


  • This will give Jamaicans access to all available treatment options.
  • This will save many lives as we would no longer be dependent on one solution.
  • This will keep more Jamaicans out of the hospitals and ease the burden on the system.


3) Remove all government restrictions on freedom of speech, freedom movement, and freedom of choice; while focusing on educating and empowering citizens to make good health and safety choices.


  • This will accelerate economic recovery and reverse the increased levels of poverty.
  • Students will be back in the classroom immediately and begin their recovery from the near two year decline in their education.
  • Stop the accelerated social decline we have seen in such areas as child abuse and pregnancies, excessive societal stress, anxiety, mental health disorders, domestic and gang violence, joblessness, business losses, hopelessness, divorces and suicides.


4) Convene a Public Emergency Council (PEC) to ensure an objective, transparent and inclusive (non partisan) response going forward.

  • PEC will include representatives from all registered political parties, the public and private sector and leading civil society groups.
  • PEC will be led by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health and Wellness, but guided by the objective, transparent and inclusive governance of the council.
  • PEC will be privy to any and all information surrounding the pandemic and any and all agreements reached between the Government and any third parties, to protect the interest of all Jamaicans.


5) Authorize or invoke the Judiciary, Auditor General’s and the Contractor General’s Offices to audit, monitor and validate all actions of PEC and the Government to ensure they are in keeping with the agreed upon terms of reference and that all reporting to the public are accurate, complete and timely.


This 5-Point Pandemic Response Plan being put forward by the UIC will immediately correct and reverse the unfortunate policies of the Government and restore some semblance of normalcy to the lives of Jamaicans and bring the pandemic under control. Please know that the UIC will not stop until every citizen is safe and free to go about the business of rebuilding their lives and businesses.



Sign our petition to demand that the Government of Jamaica immediately rolls out the UIC's 5 Point Pandemic Plan.


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