For Immediate Release: UIC No Longer Contesting 2020 Elections





THE UIC is very disappointed, but not at all surprised, that the Prime Minister has chosen to do what is good for him and his party instead of what is good for the country. 

His decision to call early General Elections NINE MONTHS before constitutionally due, shows that he is about holding on to power and not about caring for the welfare of the People. He has chosen to place nearly 3,000,000 (three million) lives and their livelihoods at risk unnecessarily. 

Many were already in fear of sending their children out to school in September and are weighed down by the serious health risk and the financial pressures during this pandemic. Early elections will do more to increase the risk of spread, endanger lives and further damage our very fragile economy. 

The UIC cannot and will not partake in such a reckless, careless and irresponsible game that the Prime Minister has chosen to play. 

We therefore encourage all Jamaicans to "stay home and stay safe" on this irresponsible election day to register their opposition to the Prime Minister’s uncaring actions. 

Joseph L. Patterson CPA, CGA 

Party President. 

### END 


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