Lawyers Needed To Represent the UIC and Jamaicans in Legal Proceedings against the Government of Jamaica

The United Independents' Congress has issued multiple Access to Information Requests with the intention of creating a case against the Government of Jamaica for breaches to the Constitutional Rights of Jamaicans, breaches to the Corruption Prevention Act and more. The UIC has also identified what can be described as a concerted effort by local political "actors" and private interests within Jamaica to silence the voices of independent, free thinking Jamaicans who do not align themselves with tribal politics, but view themselves only as Jamaicans. The UIC seeks lawyers interested in taking our case. We also seek to engage citizens of society willing to donate to the funding of our legal cases.

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The United Independent's Congress is a political movement and Jamaica's third registered political party.  Our mission and goals are tied to the creation of a Non-Partisan Constitutional Republic of Jamaica where the individual rights of Jamaicans to Life, Liberty and Property are equally protected by Government via a new Constitution made by Jamaicans, for Jamaicans. 

Be on the right side of history. Email us at if you are a lawyer interested in taking the case of the UIC. Not only to advocate for a truly free Jamaica, but to keep our Government and its systems in check.

Once the UIC becomes Government, it will immediately work to remove the Queen and the Governor General, replacing them with a President, three Vice-Presidents representing each County and removing the responsibility of Ministers of Government from Ministers of Parliament, thereby eliminating that conflict of interest and avenues for corrupt dealings. Ministers of Government will now become Subject Matter Experts, so that MP's focus only on representing the community that elects them. 

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Help us protect the rights of Jamaicans to their Life, Liberty and Property. To keep our movement going, the United Independent's Congress relies on contributions from its viewers, readers and members. 

Donate today and help us to achieve our goal of a Non-Partisan Constitutional Republic of Jamaica that will ensure every Jamaican is able to live and retire in peace and with dignity.

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