What is a Free Market? - How do You Identify it?

A market is created wherever and whenever people decide that they wish to buy and sell any given product. The more people who want to buy and sell the product, the bigger the market for it.
There are normally only two parties involved in any trade that takes place in a market. They are the Seller and the Buyer. The seller cannot force the buyer to buy, and the buyer cannot force the seller to sell. They must mutually agree on a price for the trade to take place. This is a free market.
A free market is a real democracy. If you do not like a product, you just don't buy it. You vote with your money and get exactly what you voted for. By not buying a product, you reject it and others cannot vote to force it on you.
A market can also be unfree or restricted by a third party, but only if that third party uses force or threatens to use violence. You will see this when criminals get involved in the market and uses force or fraud to extract an unearned benefit from the market. They may come as illegal extortionists, bullies, thieves, scammers or as government.
Government was supposed to protect the life, liberty and property rights of every citizen equally, but it has become a legal thief; a bully; scammer; extortionist. It was supposed to be protecting us from those who use or tries to use force or fraud to get their way in our free market, but it has become the lead criminal to initiate the use of violence or coercion to take our wealth by the force of artificial inflation, devaluation, excessive taxation and corrupt red tape regulations.
To be truly free, you need a government that will protect your life, your liberty and your property rights. You need a real free market and that is exactly what the UIC will give you if you help us to rescue our country from organized crime and well dressed criminals.
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