Joseph L. Patterson


Who is this Joseph L. Patterson that you should join him on this mission to bring GOOD GOVERNANCE to Jamaica? 

That's a good question.

FIRST, you should know that I have no pedigree (despite the last name). I was born to a single mother in the rough of Kingston, and I grew up poor like many of you; even after running off to live with my more affluent father at age 11. 

After Dunrobin Primary and stints at Maverly All Age and at Gregory Park All Age, I attended what was then Spanish Town Secondary School (STSS); having failed the Common Entrance (now GSAT) twice and the Technical Entrance too.

At STSS I served as Head Boy, Student Council President and founded both the Science and Drama clubs in addition to leading the Quiz Team to its first National Championship while in Grade 10. Our opponents were Grade 11 students. 

I later got the proverbial second chance and was admitted to St. Andrew Technical High School (STATHS) through its special trades program. 

At STATHS, I was spotted by then Principal, Isaac Henry, who saw it fit to transfer me from “trades” to the regular “technical” side. Here, I again served as Head Boy, Student Council President, Junior Achievement Finance VP, founded the Math Club, took Key Club to the US twice and served as its president, and earned the Isaac Henry JAMBISCO Scholarship to study Engineering at the University of Technology (UTECH, then CAST). All thanks to my mother, stepmother, teachers and neighbours who guided and encouraged me along the way. It was not easy to get some 13 subjects in those days while actively participating in almost everything at school. I even tried track, soccer and basketball.


ON THE HOME FRONT, I have been married for over twenty-five years to my secondary school sweetheart – Charlet Messado. We met in the 8th Grade at STSS and the rest is history. On her prompting, I joined her and migrated in Canada. It's a great place to live (except for the cold). 

In Canada, I had some very humbling experiences which have made me a better person today. I went from being an Engineer and Assistant Manager at the Sugar Company of Jamaica to being unemployed for six months in Toronto before landing a job waiting tables and washing dishes for $6.85 per hour at an upscale restaurant. 

Walking through deep snow to work on Sunday mornings did not make it any easier. PROFESSIONALLY, I would rise to become a Financial Controller in a few companies, V.P. of Finance for a Toronto school board, Director of Finance in a Canadian Government, CEO of a few organizations and Chairman of a $146 billion global Impact Investment co-operative based in the Netherlands. 

MY WIFE and I have three children and, like most of you, we struggled to make ends meet, build our marriage and be good Christian parents. 

Between starting a family and where we are today, I continued my studies, earned an Accounting Science Degree at the University of Calgary, became a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and built a few businesses, started the YES Jamaica foundation and founded the UIC. 

We also made time to run Key to Life ministry and dabbled in organic farming while building a new movement - the UIC (United Independents’ Congress) - to put an end to the divide and conquer politics that has held us back as a nation with severe corruption, poverty and crime.

It is my hope and prayers that you will join with me and the UIC to give Jamaica a new chance at TRUE PROSPERITY by way of good governance. 

I am not a career politician, I just want to transform Jamaica from what it is now, into what it should be - a safe, clean and orderly country where we may all live, earn and retire with dignity in liberty.

ST. ELIZABETH is our home since 2011 and we aim to transform it and Jamaica into a GARDEN PARADISE where every family has a decent home, clean water, empowering education, affordable electricity, quality healthcare, adequate security, regular garbage pick-up, high-speed Internet and well maintained roads (with street names, paved sidewalks and enough street lights). 

Join THE CAPITAL CLUB. It is our way giving people a hand-up instead of a handout. We provide millions in loans and business development services to farmers, small businesses and micro entrepreneurs. Call 876-487-8056 to learn more. 

 Join hands with me and the UIC for REAL PROSPERITY through good JOBS, more business OPPORTUNITIES and a more SECURE and DEVELOPED society! 


  1. A decent home for every family that is willing to work and pay for it.
  2. Clean running water in every home.
  3. Affordable electricity in every home.
  4. Good roads leading to every home and community.
  5. Paved sidewalks for the safety and convenience of all pedestrians.
  6. Adequate streetlights in every community.
  7. Street names and road signs in every community.
  8. Personal address for every citizen to receive home delivery of mails and packages. Online shopping made easier.
  9. High speed Internet access in every community.
  10. A full education for every child from basic school to post secondary studies (with jobs program for unemployed parents).
  11. Proper nutrition and healthcare for all families (with organic farming and preventive care program).
  12. Allocate Constituency Development Fund (CFD) to help small and micro enterprises to create jobs (via local community councils).
  13. Business start-up, management and finance training for all citizens who wants to start or grow their own business.
  14. Solar, water harvesting and biogas system for every school and public building to save money and direct it to education and job training.
  15. Bring Seniors Tourism to Shiloah, Balaclava, Braes River and Santa Cruz to attract billions of dollars annually and hundreds of jobs into our local economy.