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Jamaica Protection of Life Services (JPOLS)

The mission of JPOLS is to protect the health and life of Jamaicans from natural and unnatural forces. Acting as a public body under the Department of Public Health and Safety, the JPOLS will be a driving force in supporting the Government of Jamaica's role of equally protecting the life, liberty and property of all Jamaicans.  

JPOLS will work with emergency station and emergency service providers to ensure that life and healtn is protected and secured in Jamacia. 

Emergency Station Providers are responsible for the mobilization and management of fire truck, ambulance, and medivac services from various stations across the island, even in the most "rural" of communites. 

Emergency Service Providers are medical facilities such as clinics and hospitals. Rapid Response Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs) are a part of this group, contracted by JPOLS to act as a reserve, reacting to national medical emergencies. Included in this group are other private medical faclities that are not contracted to any Public Body. Private Medical Facilities capable of managing various emergencies, are contracted by JPOLS to recieve emergency patients picked up by Emergency Station Provders or by private citizens. 

The Government of Jamaica, under a UIC Administration has decalred a responsblity for ensuring that our children are protected and has given JPLOS under the Ministry of Public Health and Safety Services part ownership of this mandate along with other Ministries and their Public Bodies. Garrisons and slums are consder a health risk, therefore, JPOLS will take part in the dismantling of garrissons and slums, rebuilding communities with safe and secure environemnt, where every Jamaican, regardless of your financial or economic status, will have proper housing, specifically targetted at the protection of children. Communities designed and built in partnership with JPOLS will be outfitted as life protection shelters, acting as safe facilities in the event of war, dangerous natural disasters, etc.

See below a summary of the roles and responsblies of JPOLS:


Revolutionizing Emergency Services and Stations in Jamaica, while modernizing the use of medical facilites, ambulances, medivac and fire trucks to save lives.


Training emergency service and station providers on pandemic preparedness and response


Act as a non-financial source of support for emergency service providers  


Working with the Jamaica Defense Force on a joint task force called the Biotechnology Division.


Develop life protection shelters to protect against effects of weapons in a war 

Fast Service

Service Level Agreement between JPOLS and Emergency Station Providers legally dictates that emergency services must arrive and perform life saving activities no later than 10 minutes after receiving the call and should arrive at a emergency service provider no later than 20 minutes after picking up a patient.

Pandameic Prepardeness

Our system is designed to end a pandemic before it begins, preventing or reducing disruption to normal life in Jamaica

Biowarfare Prepardeness

Jamaicans will have piece of mind that they are protected from intentional harm from forces utlizing dangerous biotechnology to harm our nation

Affordable System

Emergency services are of no cost to Jamaican citizens and legal resdents and will always operate within it's means.

Safer To Live

Designed to reduce disruptions to normal life and everyday activities. Emergency Services will boost the amount of lives saved and reduce the amount of lives taken by a pandemic or unnatural phenemona. 

Safer To Earn

Jamaicans will now worry less about disruptions to their earning potential caused by a pandemic or unnatural phenomena. It will no longer be dangerous to operate a legitimate business in Jamaica

Safer to Learn

Our schools will not be forced shut by the Government. Any decision to shutter a school will be a decision made by parents and school administrations. JPOLS' role is to execute it's plans as effectively and efficiently as possible to ensure that does not happen


Well Equipped Fire Trucks

Well Equipped Ambulances

Well Equipped Medivac Services

Well Equipped Emergency Motorcycles

Emergency Response Services provided by Eemergency Station Providers are overseen by a legally enforecable Service Level Agreement whch results in potentially criminal charges for certain infractions against this agreement.  Medical Emergency staff and Firefigheters will be housed at the same emergency station and prepared to deploy at the same time to scenes of emergency. Emergency services must arrive no later than 10 minutes to every emergency scene after a call was placed and must keep the patient/patients alive for as long as possible while in transit to the nearest hospital. The Service Level Agreement mandates that emergency services arrive at a hospital with the patient no later than 20 minutes after pickup. 

Ambulances and fire trucks are equipped with modern state of the art technology required to save lives. Traning of medical emergency and firefgher staff is intially provided by the Singapore Civil Defence Service, which now arrives at emergencies in 8 minutes or less. 

Portons of the Government’s 10% GCT budget is allocated towards the payment of the cost of citizens and legal tax paying residents (who cannot afford it), but require emergency treatment caused by incidents of crime, violence, abuse, viral infections and national emergencies. to be treated at no cost at hospitals. JPOLS works closely with our Police Services with the goal of reducing all incidents of crime, violence, abuse and national emergencies.  

The System Inventory is detailed below:

  • There will be one medivac helicopter per County, totalling three helicopters fully outfitted and designed to save lives. 
  • There will be a minimum of two fire trucks and two ambulances (adequately staffed) per emergency station. 
  • Each emergency station will have a minimum of 4 emergency motorcycles equipped with life saving equipment to prolong life until an ambulance arrives. 
  • Each city or municipallity will have between 1 and 3 emergency stations, depending on the size of the city and calculated requirements. 

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Close the borders to international (non-citizen) traffic

Convey public emergency  council

Funnel all travellers through Rapid Response Public Health Preparedness Clinics (PHPCs)

All residents who are ill, are funnelled through PHPCs to be triaged before transported to hospitals

Based on recommendations from Public Emergency Council, revise pandemic plan appropriately

The visuals on the left, describe the four first generic steps of the JOPLS' pandemic response and prepardness plan, after which, advice from multiple poltical, economical, medical and scientific experts, herin called the Public Emergency Council, will shape the continuation of the Government's response to the pandemic, applying a more targetted approach.

The Pandmeic Response and Prepardness plan which will be summarized below, was designed from a thorough review of a Singapore's Pandemic Response which successfully suppressed the transmission of COVID-19 and resulted in minimal casualites caused by the virus. 

The JOPLS will treat pandemics similar to how the Jamaica Defence Force will treat a war. Privately owned clinics will operate as normal in "peace time". They will be (voluntarily, via a contractual obligation) activated as Rapid Response Public Health Prepardness Clinics once a pandemic threat has been identified. The Biotechnology division of the JOPLS in collaboration with the JDF, will constantly be monitoring both international or local developments of highly infectious diseases. 

The JOPLS is obligated to consider the advice of experts, within or outside of the Public Emergency Council. Public Emergency meetings involving the council will not take place in secret and all information available to the Government must be accessible to the general public. Experts who disagree, must publicly debate, utilizing facts and scientific evidence. 

An event in which a highly infectious disease arises, must be treated as a national emergency, similar to an earthquake or a hurricane. Jamaicans must therefore recieve periodic training on how to respond effectively to the introduction of a highly infectious disease to the populaton. 

This strategy is designed to curtail a pandemic before it even begins. 

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